dotgay LLC

Coming soon, the LGBT community will have a unique opportunity to plant its flag on a new Internet frontier. Introducing the .GAY domain. While several companies are eager to commandeer this new Top Level Domain, only one wants to benefit the community: dotgay LLC. The company — with a mission to create a safe, visible and supportive global home on the Internet — has spent the past four years creating a plan that provides real benefits for the LGBT community, insures diversity and defends against domain speculators and profiteers. Their visionary plan has attracted unparalleled support with endorsements from more than 200 organizations in 58 countries.

Press Clips

Social Media Campaign

In partnership with Memeographs, Public Impact produced a social media campaign for dotgay LLC, a company that is vying for management of the .GAY Top Level Domain. These visually striking and informative images were released via dotgay's social media channels to illustrate their mission and innovative plan for the .GAY domain.

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